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Modeling and Simulation of Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC) Processes.The specific field-of-study for this research is satellite communication (i.e., link analysis, encoding and decoding, transmission and detection, channel propagation effects, and electronics).

Such presentations of 3D data on 2D displays is called 3D by the public, but is technically just 2.5D as it does not present all the 3D cues in the data to the viewer.For the prototype capability, the overall cost of a future operational antenna (based on the prototype design) will be considered.The polarization of the antenna will be right hand circular polarization (RHCP) on transmit (81 to 86 GHz) and left hand circular polarization (LHCP) on receive (71 to 76 GHz).Rotary actuation that is located directly on the hinge line has the potential to provide compact installation and significant efficiency gains.Alternate Faceplate Materials for Improving Image Intensifier Tube Performance.PHASE I: Demonstrate the feasibility of an improved physics-based analysis tool in accordance with the requirements stated in the description.Studies have shown that an increase in turbine bypass ratios is a primary driving factor in achieving overall efficiency improvement for subsonic transport aircraft.

PHASE II: Phase II should result in one or more prototype extended artificial light sources.As UAV technology continues to advance, innovative antenna designs, optimized for these platforms, are needed to improve communications capability, reliability, and overall mission effectiveness.Test the resulting system to demonstrate the combined antenna performance over the GNSS frequency band and the capability of obtaining SA information.With assistance from the TPOC demonstrate the capability for at least one relevant application with at least one prospective end-user.OBJECTIVE: To enhance the design of small turbo fan engine high-pressure turbine (HPT) blades for improved turbine life and validate design improvements through design analysis and testing.Candidate design concepts shall be assessed in terms of their performance (amplitude and phase errors, frequency bandwidth, isolation, loss, power handling, etc.), feasibility, manufacturability, reliability and cost.The refrigerator will meet the requirements by the IR sensor and the Focal Plane Array.

Approaches to the imaging device (microdisplay) range from traditional (miniature AMLCD, AMOLED, LCOS, MEMS) to novel (hologram projectors).AF131-101: Wide-Field-of-View (WFOV) Multiwaveband Multimode Seeker Technology.

Additionally, the techniques developed could be very useful within a surgery planning tool.The contractor must develop and test in simulation initially an optimized re-planning strategy in the presence of unanticipated events to prioritize repair activities and demonstrate quantifiable benefits to the ALCs.However, when computer vision-based algorithms are used to compute the geo-location of an object (e.g., if GPS is not available for some reason), accurate uncertainty estimates are not straight-forward to compute.As with propeller selection itself, many of these considerations have been approached empirically.Demonstrate maintained or improved sensor performance during simulation of appropriate environment.These activities generate diverse types of information which can include a considerable amount of conflicting, incomplete, incorrect or even deceptive content.Output is a simple camera matrix with typical values for the camera position, orientation (extrinsics) and focal length, principal point, and distortion factor (intrinsics).Coordinate with target manufacturer ensuring proper application of design rule checks, proper formats for passing design files, etc.

DESCRIPTION: The stable and reliable operation of megawatt-class, high-temperature power electronics is critical for military aircraft operations.The refrigerator has to fit within the total spacecraft mass and power budget of 4 kg and 50 W respectively.DESCRIPTION: A high performance and ultra-compact design of a space propulsion system is one of the most important developments required to meet many of the future needs for military space.PHASE III: Phase III efforts shall focus on technology transition for dual use domestic applications in commercial aircraft as well as specific DOD systems.A significant number of hazards exist for workers in such conditions and the variability of applied coatings is increased due to these constraints.The impact of this technology is to enhance situational awareness for prevention of exposure and mitigation of potential health risks related to airborne NMs.The final report will outline a path to build an airborne-qualifiable antenna.PHASE III: Phase III Dual Use Applications: Military Application: Air Force systems would benefit from high capacity satellite uplink and downlink capability at W-band and V-band.

PHASE III: The code would be used by both commercial and military engine manufacturers to design airfoils for advanced demonstrator engines, and be adopted as standard work, thereby resulting in life cycle cost reductions.PHASE II: Demonstrate and validate Phase I effort on coupons simulating landing gear components.Specialized expensive computer hardware is thus often needed.There is no requirement for use of any government materials, equipment, data, or facilities.Commercial benefits include improved competitive opportunities for providers of aerospace platform components and sub-systems.Current RPA SAA development efforts address forward-looking field of regard (FOR) requirements using multiple sensors.Specifically, 3D Anthropometric databases may be useful for obtaining the external dimensions of humans in various poses.AF131-065: Integrated Fast-light Micro-inertial Sensors for GPS Denied Navigation.

Cold Temperature Hydraulic Seals for Aerospace Hydraulic Systems.PHASE I: Conduct analysis to determine the sensing strategy and expected performance of a ground based system to measure atmospheric attenuation for a satellite communication system in the V and W bands.The Air Force incurs a high maintenance burden associated with frequent inspections and applications of lubricants in the field in an effort to keep actuators functioning at a high availability rate.The existing EELV antennas use a Tracking and Data Relay Satellite (TDRS) S-band link, which limits data rates to.It is desired that the Phase II prototype be delivered to the Government for additional evaluation by laboratory personnel.

Therefore, this project should create a platform, utilizing a cell-phone processor, for capturing, processing, and compressing video onboard a SUAS at a greatly reduced SWAP cost.The algorithms will be evaluated against developed metrics from Phase 1.It is expected that those will be used in the design of this beam director.Current policy requires our forces to avoid inflicting collateral damage on innocent civilians.Develop a plan for packaging, ruggedization and commercialization of a man portable inspection tool for on-aircraft measurement.These fluid lines could be located in hard to reach places around the body of the aircraft.Commercial application: Commercial air, computer-aided design, scientific and medical visualization, teaching, entertainment.

Develop a technology transition plan and pursue a commercialization agenda.Incorporation of advanced features, including the ability to transmit data to a remote source in real-time will enhance the effectiveness of the wearable sensor.

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